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What did our followers decide to name the room in honor of Ryan Walters?

We asked our Facebook followers to name one of our hotel rooms after the alleged Grndr profile of the Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters. Of course, we don't actually think Ryan Walters has a Grindr profile, nor do we have plans to waste our time and money renaming a room after him, but we had some fun nonetheless. A big thanks to The Lost Ogle for revealing a photo of Ryan and his former roommate.

Some of the ideas that our followers came up with were:

  • "He doesn't need a room, just a parking lot and the front seat of his car lmao"

  • "The Indoctrination Room!"

  • "The 'Ryan Walters Definitely Doesn't Have a Secret Gay Life' Room."

  • "The They Were Just Roommates room"

  • "Balls Creek Church Camp" "

  • The Closet"

  • "The bathroom should be The Self-Loathing Room"

  • "The Woke Agenda Room"

  • "The I can’t host room

But the most popular comment and the winner of our name-a-room challenge: "Saving Ryan's Privates"

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